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Black Krobo Beads Bracelet (unisex)


Krobo beads are my favorite beads and not just because they are made in Ghana. They are formed out of powder glass. The black beads have always mesmerized me, as they look so elegant and luxurious.

The Krobo bead bracelet comes with a different brass element in the middle or a striped glass bead middle.

Perfect unisex bracelet and a great gift idea for him or her.


  • The Adinkra symbol on the D bracelet stands for Fortitude. Fortitude is courage in pain or adversity.
  • The Adinkra symbol on the C bracelet stand for Royalty

Price special: If you buy the combo pack of 3 bracelets, you save 12 USD. Please add in the shopping cart check-out notes which designs you want in your combo package.

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