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10 Cows: Storage and Display Baskets


These storage and display baskets are just out of this world beautiful. They will be a decor highlight in any living space. You can use them as display/decor baskets as well as storage baskets.

But can you actually fit 10 cows into the storage and display baskets? Quite unlikely, unless they are made out of LEGO. The reason for the name: the weaver who created the first one demanded a bride price of 10 cows. That was 8 cows more than common practice in the rural area of Bolgatanga, Ghana. Voila - the basket had its name. True story - according to the fair trade company Baba Tree who is producing these baskets in Ghana.

Good to know: All baskets are handmade. It takes a weaver 3-5 days - including rolling and dyeing the straw - to finish one of these beauties. The weavers receive 10 % commission on every sale in addition to their regular salary.

Dimensions & weight:

  • Breadth 54 inch
  • Top width 9 inch
  • Bottom width 12 inch
  • Height 18 inch
  • Length 20 inch
  • Weight 2.04 LB

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