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Adinkra Chocolate made in Ghana


1 Box

I discovered these delicate Adinkra chocolates on my last trip to Ghana. I intended to gift them to friends, but well, I ended up eating them. They were just too delicious!

The Adinkra chocolate squares are beautiful bite-sized bars engraved with visual symbols originally created by the Ashanti of Ghana. They are ideal for a quick treat and make fabulous presents.

1 Box contains:

  • 6 Adinkra chocolate pieces (6 different symbols per box - see possible symbols above)
  • Each box contains dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate,  mocha latte chocolate, bissap chocolate, moringa chocolate
  • Short description of meaning of each Adinkra symbol

Made in Ghana by two sisters - Kimberly & Priscilla Addison - pioneering bean to bar chocolate production in Ghana with their company 57Chocolate.

Please note that the boxes are pre-packed and sealed and we cannot change the mix of the chocolates in the boxes.

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