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Upgrade your Winter Wardrobe: The Beaded Blanket


The beaded blanket is another take of the Maasai shuka, also - in my opinion wrongly - referred to as 'the African Blanket'. We upgraded the colorful throws and shawls by adding some beaded details. The beaded blankets were handmade for africaboutik in Tanzania.

The blankets are durable and warm, they are perfect to add some color to your Fall/Winter wardrobe by integrating them as a shawl or throw. If you like to wear all black - this shawl/throw can be your pop of color. If you like to mix up colors, voila, these throws are perfect for you. They also work nicely as home decor item and decorative throw on your chair or sofa.

New: We now have beaded Maasai shukas that come with a slim black fringe!


  • Size: 76 x 58 inch
  • 100% acrylic
  • Blanket hand-embellished with Beads in Tanzania


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