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Africa / Adinkra Necklace


The Adinkra necklace is unisex and works for women and men alike. The necklace comes with either the Sankofa, the Duafe or the Gye Nyame or the Africa symbol. Stylish and can easily be combined with other, longer necklaces as well as with our other jewelry items that feature Adinkra symbols. Handmade out of brass in Ghana.


Handmade item - please expect some slight inaccuracies.

Adinkra Symbols meaning:


  • Sankofa - Go back and get it / Move forward but don't forget the knowledge of the past
  • Duafe - wooden comb, stands for beauty, feminine qualities
  • Gye Nyame - the supremacy of God
  • Length: 10 inch
  • Weight: 0.3 oz

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