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Must Have: Africa First Tote Bag


The Africa First tote bag is a classic cotton book bag. It is the perfect tote for small errands or just carrying along your wallet, keys, a book or a pair of sneakers. Make a quick statement while running to the subway or the grocery store.

Why I created this Africa First tote bag: Inspired by Trump and his "America First" approach, many European countries started their ironic "First" campaigns and proclaimed Denmark, The Netherlands, some of their capitals, smaller cities etc. "First". The last time I visited my parents I saw "Heidelberg First" bags and immediately decided to create an "Africa First" bag - the continent that really should be First and a statement I can also stand 100% behind.

Only a limited edition of "Africa First" bags available!


  • Length 14.5 inch
  • Height 16.5 inch
  • Length of handles: 10 inch


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