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The Africa Puzzle

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Do you know the African continent well? How well? This Africa Puzzle will help to educate kids and adults alike where the 54 countries of the African continent are located. Besides being fun to put the puzzle together you can also time yourself and others how long they actually need to complete the puzzle. And instead of a huge map on the wall, this puzzle looks also pretty good just lying on the coffee table.

Handcrafted in Ghana, the puzzle board is not completely flat and curves up a little at both ends. The Africa Puzzle comes in different color combinations:


  • 10 x 10 inch mostly / handmade and thus can vary 1-1.5 inch


  • green (3)
  • purple (1)
  • red & yellow (3)
  • red & green & yellow (3)

How to select the design you want:

  • Each image has a color tag written on it (like green or purple)
  • Select the color you want
  • Then on that image select if you want the left (L), middle (M), or right (R) puzzle
  • Voila, add your selection to your shopping bag!