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African City Bag


The African City Bag deluxe has been long in the making. I wanted a thick canvas bag with leather handles, a leather bottom and an inside pocket so that the African City Bag could become my and my customer's lifetime bag.

The leather bottom allows you to place the bag o the floor - as you can easily clean it afterwards again.

This new African City Bag sports with 34 cities much more city names than previous designs with 22 cities only.

I created the African City Bag to add another option to a market, that predominantly sells and promotes city bags with American or European cities on it. And to educate people, as I do get the question "what do these names on your bag mean?" still way too often.

I want people to know or research in which countries these cities are located and find out that:

  • Nairobi is also referred to as "The green city under the sun".
  • Joburg was the first African City in which Uber launched in 2013
  • Lagos is one of the largest cities on the continent.
  • .....

Which city do you want to visit? What is your favorite city? Is there an interesting fact about an African City you want to share?

Use the hashtag #myafricancity #africancitybag to share the information with me on Instagram!

Bag Details - Deluxe Version:

  • Cotton canvas #8
  • Leather: Medium shine cow leather with a subtle crackle effect and modest pull effect.
  • Handle length: 16 inch / just fyi - petite customers prefer to wear this bag also as cross-body bag
  • Size : 17 inch height / 16 inch length / 4.5 inch width
  • Printed on both sides
  • Free shipping for the African City Bag - Deluxe with Leather

Bag Details - Classic Version:

  • Size: 17.5 x 13 x 5 inch
  • 22 city names
  • Cotton canvas with white handles