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African City Bag - Made in Ghana (Limited Edition)

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This special edition of the African City Bag was handmade Made in Ghana. Produced ethically at the production hub of the ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative in the north of Accra. The special edition comes with black leather handles.

Inspired by all the Afropolitan stories and designs on my blog, I created the African City Bag to celebrate African cities amidst a sea of garments adorned with European and American city names.

Multi-functional, this durable cotton bag is the perfect travel companion and can be worn in a casual, sporty or chic fashion. With an African City Bag, one becomes “not just a citizen, but an African of the world.” (Taiye Selasi)
22 African city names are printed on both sides. This canvas tote bag is even bigger than the Classic version of the African City Bag.


  • Outside heavy & thick black canvas
  • Handles made from natural leather
  • Made ethically in Ghana

18 inch high x 20 inch wide

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