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Stylish Babouche Slippers (9 vibrant colors)


These stylish and comfy Babouche slippers are everything. With their soft soles, they are perfect to lounge around the house - say goodbye to your old, woolly house slippers. The Babouche slippers were handmade in Morocco out of goat skin. They are very light & soft and have an easy, loose fit and widen slightly over time. So if you select a size up - it still works.

Simply chic: The classic Babouche slippers come in 9 vibrant colors. Only a limited amount available!

Did you know: Recently the Babouche slippers have become very trendy. Big brands from Chanel to Prada have started selling them for extraordinary high prices.


    • Handmade in Morocco from goat skin therefore please expect some small imprecision
    • Each color available in US size 8/9 (M) and 10 ( L) - women sizes
    • All sizes for men are currently sold out

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