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Happy New Year!

Beautiful Design: The Bamileke Feather Hat (JuJu Hat)


The Bamileke - also called JuJu hat - has become a very popular item in Home Decor, and rightly so. Originated from Cameroon, the Bamileke is handmade out of feathers. Each feather is individually dyed and then put together in this masterpiece that unfolds beautifully and just looks fab on the wall.

The Bamileke people of Western Cameroon call the feathery decor "Tyn" and use it as headdress for royal festivals and ceremonies.

The folding technique of the Bamileke is quite impressive as it protects the feathers when the creation is being stored or transported. Overall the Bamileke is a piece of art and hard to copy or imitate due to the masterful craftsmanship.

Available in size Medium - Diameter of 20 inch (50 cm).


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