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Beaded Bowls & Vase (Decor)

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Women in Rwanda handcrafted these beautiful pieces of wood and beadwork. The bottles are made out of Jacaranda wood and were traditionally used to store water or milk. Nowadays, these bottles/ jugs make stylish displays that will add a beautiful touch to your living space. But I would not recommend, to fill them with water.

The bowls are made out of olive wood, papyrus, and glass beads. You can use it to store fruits or use it as a decorative display on your table.

Prices are for individual items only.

Bowl Size & Weight:

  • 7.7 oz 
  • 7.5x7.5 inch

Vase /Bottle Size & Weight:

  • 1.2 LB
  • Height 8.5 inch
  • Width 3.2 inch

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