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Bicycle Basket - Small


Add some color and a funky vibe tor your bicycle tour, your daily commute to work or your shopping trip with these beautiful bicycle baskets. The bicycle baskets will make your stay at the beach or your picnic in the park more fun. They are easy to add to or remove from the handlebar with the two leather straps that hold the basket in place. They come in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Other ideas how to use the baskets: I actually don't own a bike but these baskets make me want to have one. If you don't bike much you can also use the baskets on your balcony to hold flower pots or in the kitchen to store olive oil or wine bottles.

Good to know: The bicycle baskets were handmade by the ethical and fair trade company Baba Tree Baskets in Bolga, which is in the Upper East region in the north of Ghana. The weavers receive 5 % commission on every sale in addition to their regular salary.

Dimensions & Weight of the Small Basket:

  • 13 inch long
  • 7 inch width
  • 8 inch high
  • Weights 1.1/6 lb

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