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Colorful Planter & Storage Baskets


Look at these beauties. These well-made and colorful planter baskets were created by the basket design brand AAKS in Ghana. AAKs is a black-owned and woman-owned brand. We are selling their vibrant baskets for the very first time.

The baskets are very versatile and can be used as floor baskets, storage baskets and planter baskets. They were handmade in Kumasi, Ghana, and the pattern and design are very stylish and unique. Add some color and joy to your living spaces with these baskets.

They come in the sizes M and L. Made in Ghana from 100% straw. Sizes can slightly vary as it is a handmade, natural product.



  • 11.5 inch high
  • 9x9 inch wide (bottom)


  • 11.5 inch high
  • 11 x11 inch wide  (bottom)

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