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Bronze Rings: Adinkra Symbols (Made in Ghana)


These beautiful and stylish bronze rings are handmade in Ghana. We are working with a new artisan in Kumasi, and the rings are now made out of bronze and no longer brass. So better quality!

The more rings you wear on one or both hands, the better. The majority of the rings represent Adinkra symbols - originated from the Akan in Ghana. The symbols have decorative function but also deliver a message (see listed below).

All rings are slightly adjustable. Bronze jewelry can darken after a while, to prevent that polish it with a soft, dry cloth.

Please note: The Africa Outline ring is currently sold out!

Here is the meaning of the available symbols:

  • The Ankh - known as the original cross. Symbols physical & eternal life.
  • Gye Nyame - expresses the omnipotence of God. Gye Nyame is the most popular Adinkra symbol. It reflects the faith of the Akan people, to see God’s involvement in every aspect of human life.
  • Sankofa - Go back and get it / Move forward but don't forget the knowledge of the past
  • Duafe - wooden comb , stands for beauty, feminine qualities
  • NEWLY added:
    • Wawa Aba - Perseverance
    • Asase Ye Duru - Divinity of Mother Earth


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