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Nyariga Shopping & Beach Baskets (11 colors)

$69.00 $89.00

Let's go shopping with one of these beautiful shopping & beach baskets. They are roomy and sturdy with a leather finish around the handle. All baskets are handwoven and the elephant straw is hand-dyed before the weaving process begins. It can take an experienced weaver 2-3 days to create one of these beauties. These colorful baskets are quite the eye-turner and will be a great asset for your picnic or your trip to the beach.

Good to know: The Nyariga shopping & beach baskets were handmade by the ethical and fair trade company Baba Tree Baskets in Bolga, which is in the Upper East region in the north of Ghana. The weavers receive 15 % commission on every sale in addition to their regular salary.

What does Nyariga mean? It's the name of a community in Bolgatanga where the shape of this basket originated. So the name is a nod towards the history of this basket design.

Dimensions & weight of the Nyariga shopping basket:

  • 18 inch long
  • 12 inch width
  • 12-14  inch high
  • weight 1 LB 10.8 oz

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